Revamping Health Care through Digital Communication

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Most of the population today uses the internet since almost everyone has a smartphone. Adults are continuously caring for either a child or another adult with significant health issues, and have gone online to look for health information.

Technology is everywhere, and its use is only growing. Today’s health care system can benefit greatly from increasing its digital communication abilities. For decades, people have only been relying on notes, referrals or verbal explanations to understand their case. With a wide range of digital programs and solutions being designed and delivered on the other hand, we are now moving into an era where nearly everything can be accessed easily.

By revolutionizing health care through digital communication, it can be a potential to fundamentally change how people look after themselves and how health and social care professionals do their work. The role of new technology is playing in streamlining processes, starting with the introduction of electronic patient records, appointment management and electronic prescriptions which is making life easier for both patients and practitioners.

Digital communication in health care saves a lot of time and effort for everyone. It gives us e-learning and remote working, which is great in terms of efficiency. Communication particularly in health care is absolutely vital and it is important to get things right. Since the Philippines is not yet fully equipped with various solutions and services in helping its people access better quality care more efficiently, it would indeed be easier if we all have these:

  • Online Patient Portals.
    This offers an excellent environment for hassle-free and instant communication between doctors and patients. The patient does not have to physically visit the doctor and wait for their turn. Patients can message doctors from the comfort of their own home.
  • Security of data even in most unfavorable conditions
    A patient’s digital health record can be saved online and can be accessed from anywhere. It also saves time as the digital records can be accessed by multiple health professionals at the same time. It is especially helpful for the patients who are being treated for multiple health disorders by different professionals located in different areas.
  • Ease of Online Appointments.
    Patients can use any fixed or mobile devices and with a few easy steps and are able to book an appointment and visit their doctor conveniently even during times of inconvenience: traffic, job schedule, seasonal extremities, etc.
  • Use of several types of digital communication to target different groups of people.
    There are several websites with educational health information available for those who seek out information. Some of these websites also offer videos of real people to show how a treatment works. There are also a number of apps that people can use to remind them to engage in certain behaviors, like exercising or checking their blood sugar, etc.

There has been concerns that digital communication especially in health care can exclude people, but in reality, it may lead to greater inclusion. Digitalized health care has been a game changer that has the potential to overcome different barriers, ensure concise communication between practitioners and patients, offer results, queries and reminders about treatments, or offer supports in times of distress.