Five Tips on How to Make Your Own Event Stand-out

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By: Patricia Nacianceno

We all have been to boring events where we might have picked valuable tips or made contacts, but the overall experience wasn’t pleasant at all, thus, considering giving it a pass next time. Organizing an event is not a simple task to deal with especially if you don’t know where to start. If you are planning to organize an event, for sure, you want it to be unforgettable and be differentiated from others. Forget traditional notions of what an event should be like, rather, give your audience something new, exciting, and memorable that will make them look forward to your next events ahead.  To make it so, here are tips on how to get your own event stand out:

Set an eye-catching theme

To make your event stand out, it shouldn’t look plain, common, or like all the others in your industry. Think of ways to shake things up that will leave your audience in complete awe and push them wanting more. Consider setting a theme that will appeal to people of different ages and interests. If you’re running a large event with multiple rooms or areas, mix up the themes to keep things fresh throughout the day. You can also experiment with different stage set-ups to grab the audience’s attention, from oversized, curved or busy screens to a central stage offering a 360-degree experience.

Consider a fresh and new approach with regards to speakers

Months before your event, you might have already narrowed down speakers you are considering. Although their opinion and insights could be valuable and might leave an impact to the audience, you should still consider that delegates who have attended past events may be bored of seeing the same people invited to speak at every event. You should not limit yourself on looking for speakers within your industry rather, also consider inviting other speakers from different industries to give their own take, opinion, or insight on particular area of discussion from a different perspective.

Keep the event entertaining

Holding an event in the late afternoon or evening can be a real challenge. You have to make sure that your audience don’t get bored so that they won’t ditch your event. Consider different ways to entertain your guests like setting up an interactive photobooth, interactive activity area, or have wine night to spice-up networking sessions.

Come-up and use a captivating hashtag

By coming-up and using a captivating hashtag, you are not only creating a buzz, but allowing your audience as well to involve themselves in the actual event. They can use this hashtag along with photos they personally take to continuously promote your event on different social media platforms. Being able to search this hashtag after the event will also lead you to plenty of photos and tweets that can be used for promotional content for succeeding events in the years to come.

Live stream the event on social media

By live streaming the event, you create the fear of missing out. The stories or the actual live stream of your event posted in different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, that also features some audience will allow people to see the success of the event, which in turn will entice them to attend and be part of succeeding events in the years to come.

For sure, you will be exhausted after your event. However, by doing these simple tips, your efforts will be rewarded not only by making your own event stand out, but turning it to a big success as well.