Best Shopping Destinations for the Budget Savvy

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Choosing the best kinds of props will generously contribute not only to gain immense popularity, but as well as make your event stand out. Choosing may be easy, but finding a place to buy affordable props may come a little bit tricky. Here is a list of places around the Metro where you can buy event props on a budget:

  1. Divisoria
    Divisoria has been a hub that carries almost everything, including things you need and didn’t know you needed. This place will not only allow you to find garments, fabrics, and textile sold at wholesale prices, but affordable packaging supplies and party needs as well. 
  2. Baclaran
    If you’re from the South and find it difficult to visit Divisoria, Baclaran Center may be your new best friend. Similar to what Divisoria offers, long stretches of makeshift stalls in Baclaran offer an assortment of clothes, costumes, accessories, school and party supplies, electronics, and souvenirs sold at very affordable prices.
  3. Quiapo District
    If you’re looking for a place that would instantly give a glimpse of the Filipino culture, Quiapo may be the place you’re looking for. Although Quiapo may be a huge place to visit swarming with a great number of people, you will find a variety of makeshift stalls that sell home souvenirs (straw hats, coin purses, and wooden back scratchers), wooden kitchen ware, lanterns, or other native handicrafts, sold at very affordable prices.
  4. Dangwa
    Looking for a place that sells flowers as bulk? Dangwa may be your go- to place for the freshest plants and flowers. This place offers different types of fresh, beautiful plants and flowers in pots or bouquets for more affordable prices. Some stalls even offer bouquet customization and other flower arrangement services, sold at very affordable prizes.
  5. Tayuman
    When organizing an event, you might also need to consider using various types of furniture. If you’re looking for a place where you can avail the cheapest kinds of furniture, Tayuman is the answer to your problems. Tayuman, being one LRT ride away, allows you to score good bargains for chairs, couches, tables, and other furniture pieces.

Props and items used for an event don’t have to be expensive to look great on stage. By considering these places, you will surely still be able to have an event that stands out while saving your pockets from excessive spending!