How the Events Industry Cope with the “New Normal”

For the past five months, the country has witnessed the swift and taunting impact of the coronavirus pandemic. This pandemic has done more than just slowing down the events industry as it almost brought it to a complete halt. With widespread cancellations and postponements of large events and other important gatherings, the events industry have been operating in crisis mode and scrambling to save events in any way they can. Here is a quick preview how the events industry cope with the new normal:

  1. Large events will appear to be a “thing of the past”. Until the virus is under control and a vaccine is developed, mass gatherings will simply not be allowed in most jurisdictions. The events industry will have to start thinking small and local. Events should be scaled to smaller gatherings or hybrid events and the numbers of attendees should be adjusted to match what is allowed.
  2. Investing in virtual events is now a new trend. With the on-going pandemic, virtual conferences and trade shows are popping all over the place. These platforms will help create a digital space for attendees to access the event content even if they are remotely situated at home. In addition, these kinds of events also provide a contact-free way for attendees to enter an event venue.
  3. Hosting meetings and events in a post-COVID-19 world will require major adjusting. The events industry will be forced to impose strict rules on distancing practices, venues will now be equipped with thermal scanning, and stricter sanitation policies will also be observed.
  4. COVID-19 prevention supplies will be provided to event staff and participants. Apart from the normal and exciting invitations and giveaways, prevention kits will also be provided. In addition, cleaning frequently touched surfaces and objects with detergent and water prior to disinfection will also be part of the new normal.
  5. When it comes to food, self-service buffets likely won’t be a viable option for a while. Seated dining could be an alternative option, if there are available staff members trained in sanitation and food-handling measures.
  6. Home styling is now “a thing to consider”. As the virus continue to prevail, challenges also get tough. Although the events industry may still be operating behind the scenes, they only operate and practice contactless service to clients. By shifting to home styling, you can count on the events industry in upgrading your homes through electronic communication and e-mood boards that support you from a distance.

Despite the growing number of recoveries and medical discoveries, the battle against COVID-19 is far from over. Although the country is slowly shifting to implement and practice the “new normal”, it will take time for the events industry to recover. But it doesn’t mean that we have to stop ourselves from moving forward. By accepting proper habits and healthconscious norms, we can halt present and future pandemics and help the events industry come back stronger.