The New Normal

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Without a doubt, the ongoing pandemic has created a change in consumers’ purchasing behaviors. Unlike before, they now make a conscious effort to prioritize the most basic needs. Even their mobility has now been dictated by the choice to focus on health and safety. As a result, they are now compelled to stay at home and use their smartphones for things that usually require interpersonal interaction. 

This fact is something we need to capitalize on. Digital consumption has risen amid the pandemic, with “digitally-enabled shoppers” accounting for 75% of FMCG sales in the country spending PhP38,000 annually (that’s PhP7,000 more than consumers without internet access). Furthermore, food delivery services have surpassed dine-in services by 67% in the last 4 months, compared to where it was pre-lockdown. This data alone already shows that if you wish to remain relevant and accessible, and at the same time to find sense in the new normal, your next bold move has to be to go digital.

To give you a better idea of where you might be able to zoom in, here are some industries we’ve found to have significant movement you might want to consider looking into to see if you can win and convert audiences from: 

Recent developments have forced the acceleration of certain key technology trends, all of which can help reduce the spread of unwanted viruses while helping businesses stay open, and play crucial roles in maintaining our society’s functionality in these times. Trends such as online shopping, digital/contactless payments, telehealth, and online entertainment, have allowed us to continue with our businesses and our lives as usual, although in a different dynamic.

Fitness & Lifestyle
A local news outfit reported a spike in the demand for home fitness equipment as a way for health-conscious Pinoys to keep themselves fit. Of course, this goes very much hand-in-hand with digital personal training classes offered by various fitness clubs to its existing members as. This, of course, is the result of the forced closure of gyms and fitness centers, compelling them to cease operations during the modified enhanced quarantine period. But due to their strong growth potential, digital fitness can be considered a viable opportunity as it is expected to enjoy long-term consumer engagement.

Food & Delivery Services
The closure of restaurants and bars have led to the proliferation of “cloud kitchens,” which can be considered as an F&B alternative. While not necessarily a new concept, lockdown measures have seen a significant shift in demand from in-establishment dining towards home-delivered food. Delivery services such as Grab have expanded their services across Southeast Asia, and in the Philippines, fast-food giant Jollibee announced in May its intentions to pool in resources in order to build its own cloud kitchens and developing a stronger delivery service as part of global restructuring efforts.

To help your brand ride these trends and thrive forward, here are some examples of relevant topics you might want to look into exploring:

  • Articles/good reads/well-being and self-help that your brands correspond to
  • Live fora/Q&A with personalities/brand leaders (ex. Why you started your business, tips to keep businesses running, relearning the ropes during a global pandemic, responding to unexpected scenarios, etc.)
  • Visuals that inspire audiences to remain optimistic
  • Social media takeovers (anything that allows viewer interaction)
  • Increasing productivity at home 

There’s no better time to be relevant online than now.