Essential safety tips to continuously keeps us protected

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After spending weeks in complete isolation, the ‘new normal’ has become our new way of living. However,
to continuously keep ourselves protected from the constraints caused by the COVID-19 virus, we should
be more cautious of our surroundings. Here are some tips that can safeguard your health and well-being
while adapting to the “New Normal”:

  1. Gear up
    If you have the virus and don’t know it, wearing a mask and personal protective equipment (PPEs)
    can keep you from infecting others. If you’re not sick, these safety gears will also keep you from
    being exposed to the virus if other people cough, sneeze, or speak near you.
  2. Invest in protective shields and barriers
    Since avoiding direct contact is a tough habit to break, using protective shields and barriers made
    from thick, clear, acrylic materials can help reduce viral transmission. In addition, these materials
    provide continuous protection while maintaining physical distance from others.
  3. Make use of sanitizing dispensers and mats
    Thorough hand washing is an essential way to save your health and prevent the spread of illness.
    Unfortunately, people still fail to wash their hands long enough to really kill and remove germs.
    Using touch-free materials that offer complete and full microbiological sterilization reduces the
    spread of bacteria from one person to another, while relieving the dangers of unseen Covid-19
  4. Encourage the use of hand washing stations
    Since not all people have access to a place to wash their hands with soap and water at home,
    having a designated hand washing station can help limit cross-contamination between hand
    washers, especially in the context of the Covid-19 response.

Although we still struggle to cope with the new normal, by following these tips, continuing to be vigilant,
and taking responsibility not just for our own health but for those around us, we can succeed in curbing
the ongoing pandemic.

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