The New Retail

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“The New Retail” is an online webinar designed to discuss emerging trends in trade/retail brought about by the new normal.

Every year, the Philippines commences the holiday season in September. Normally, this would mean holiday sales and people flocking to malls to start doing their holiday shopping. But with consumers still learning how to navigate around these rather peculiar times, will we still be able to welcome the holidays with our usual festive ways?

Maybe it’s time we revisit how we do things and take a peak at what The New Retail is going to look like. But what exactly is The New Retail?

On October 21, e-Commerce specialist Steph Oller will give a clearer picture of how the market has been evolving due to the unusual times we live in and tackle how brands can adapt to the changes in retail as it happens at present.

Some topics and questions we hope to tackle are:

  • eCommerce in the Philippines
  • What eCommerce channel is for you?
  • What is Social Commerce?
  • What to expect when you invest in eCommerce?
  • Best Practices for eCommerce