Staying Connected with Your Audience

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Staying Connected

with Your Audience Staying Connected Businesses are indeed faced with unexpected challenges at the present time, with one of them being the need to address how to stay in touch with customers. Given that most – if not all – of the audience you may wish to engage have been glued to their smartphones, we believe that the best way to maintain contact with them would be to maximize your brand’s social media accounts. Allow us to share with you three things that we think can be an effective means to assure your audience that they can get in touch with you at any time.

1. Disseminate Information

You need to keep your audience updated and assure them that they will be notified about important details they need to take note of.

2. Maintain Client Ties

Stay connected with your audience despite being unable to be there in person. Answer queries your customers may have sent to your message inbox. You can also consider creating automated responses to FAQs such as business hours and order placement.

3. Hold Online

Events You might want to consider hosting a live broadcast via Facebook or Instagram should you feel compelled to cancel in-person events. All you need to make it happen is either a computer with a camera or a mobile device. You can consider this a great opportunity to get to know your audience and interact with them more intimately.

Here are some ideas you can consider doing for a live session:

• Live webinars/Q&A session

• 1-on-1 interview with an audience member

• Online concerts

• Online classes (wellness, crafts, skills, etc.)

• Create a live series

When going live, you will want to do the following:

• Go live using Wi-Fi for a smoother broadcast

• Use a tripod or prop your phone up against a wall or a book to keep your shots steady

• Interact with your audience; talk to them via the comments section while your live session is ongoing

• Post about your event in advance

• Save your video for possible future posting

You can never go wrong when you stay connected with your audience.

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