We are truth tellers. We create real experiences.

We are the agency that connects.

We are mad. We are creative. We are inspired.

We are MCI.


We believe that everything is connected

When there is no perceived connection. We find one.

We seek what the brand truth is, and what it isn’t.

It is the foundation of everything we do.

The truth that the market can reflect, relate and connect to.


We use our creativity to deliver truthful

story telling of what brands can become.


Connection begins

among the

diverse talents

inside our agency

Every indvidual has unique perspective that

allow us to see the the truth from different angles.

The shared truth is what connect us.

Inspired by insights. Driven by creativity.

We unite in crafting works that change lives

and bridge differences.

Let's do something different

If you’re a brand who’s looking for a

meaningful connection with your market, then

let’s work to find your truth together.

If you’re a creative who’s searching for a

workplace to share your unique ideas, visit our

Careers page.

Drop us a message anytime.

We reply from Monday to Friday within 24 — 48 hours